Don't let your typos and misspellings be seen in public!

As proofreaders and editors, we have you covered. We can fix those errors before they appear naked before the world.

You might have the occasional fumble fingers on the keyboard, (so do I!) but you do NOT want them published, do you?

Are you trying to build a business? Do you need proofreading help with sales pages, landing pages, informational pages, emails? We can help you!

Do you have website content that has errors? Let us fix them! We want to make you look professional and polished.

If you write, whether for a blog, for magazines or newspapers or other print media, to inform people of your services or to begin to write that long-thought about book, you will at some point need a proofreader and editor.

Proofread for Publishing has grammar nerds on staff, who daily work to correct written errors. Combined, they have more than 50 years experience.

What do we do?

• We will find those pesky errors that come from uncooperative fingers or the major gremlins—the devious spellcheck and stealthy auto-correct.

• We can unfix those automatically created mistakes. You know you typed it correctly, but the computer demons took over and "fixed" it for you.

• We fix the inadvertent errors, too.

• Our eagle eyes and grammar nerd selves can correct the grammar mistakes, too.

• We can also streamline your text for flow and clarity, with our editing services.

Because you want sales from your writing efforts, please request an information packet for our services at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a consultation and estimate.

P.S. We know you need our help. We, unhappily, read your mistakes on a daily basis—in newspapers, magazines, online, in posters and flyers, everywhere!

And you know how it hurts when someone accidentally steps on your foot. Well, it hurts us just like that, except emotionally, when we see silly typos or grammar mistakes that shouldn't be shown the light of day.

Grammar nerds are quite sensitive. We don't like seeing our language mangled.

Let us help you!

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