Who is Proofread for Publishing? What do we do?

As the founder/owner and chief grammar nerd, I, Mary Alice Murphy, serve as chief proofreader and editor.

We offer services to writers who want to publish their work online—in blogs or emails— in print magazines or newspapers or in books.

Why do we do what we do? We love to read—try to pry a newspaper or magazine or book out of our hands. Or for that matter a Kindle book or online newspaper.

And I shake my head often, as in practically every article or book I read I find silly mistakes. In fact, I found a typo in my Bible just the other morning.

A variety of topics interest us, so we do not limit what we can proofread or edit to specific topics, as long as it's in English. And our services specialize in American English.

How did I get here? Fifth-grade diagramming of sentences was my favorite learnable item ever. I LOVED diagramming sentences. Figuring out what was the subject, the verb, the object, and so forth was a challenge and just so much fun. In sixth grade, my friend Carolyn and I became champion spellers and continued every year racking up district school awards—until we graduated from high school. That is the foundation of proofread4publishing.com, many years later.

The following does not constitute a complete list of topics.

My personal background lies in subjects, such as:

• the French and Spanish languages;

•choral music;

•macro, landscape and journalistic photography;

•gardening and plants;

•writing on topics including

     1) health,

     2) economic development,

     3) local governments,

     4) energy, and

    5) financial topics.

One of our team knows Chicago Manual of Style, coming and going. Another one enjoys Modern Language Association style. I'm versed in Associated Press style.

One team member is a certified email marketer, so she can help you with that, too, but only on a part-time or freelance basis..

What do we proof and edit? Everything from short essays, daily emails, frequent reports on local meetings, essays, and informational articles (also called content) to novels and memoirs, although it takes us much longer to get the last two items completed . 

Ask me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. about YOUR topic and whether we can proofread and edit it. Or call me at 800-824-4208 for a quick estimate.

 P.S. Why do you need us? Because you want every word you write to be correct when it's kicked out of the nest and flies off into public view.

You don't want something like the word research to be "reserach" when someone is reading it.

Or probably one of the worst instances is to leave an absolutely critical letter, such as "L" out of the word you meant to be "public."

We catch those. Let us catch them for you!

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