I just had a book published on amazon.com. "God's Umbrella: Southwest New Mexico World War II Survivors."

I had the book professionally edited. She did what I could not do. She translated the articles that are compiled in the book from Associated Press style or just good grammar and spelling to Chicago Manual of Style. She knows it backward and forward. I have a slight knowledge of it, but I'm more just a stickler for grammar and spelling.

But I did not presume that she had done a perfect job. (We're all human!) I reread the entire more than 500 pages of the book several times. Each time, I found another issue, whether it was spacing in the middle of a title, a misplaced comma or a typo.

It's now published. I sure hope I don't find something she or I missed!

With your own work, you should read it through at least once to catch spelling of names or places that the editor or proofreader may not be familiar with.

Then let the professionals loose on it. We can fix style, as well as catch pesky typos or words that you might have let spellcheck "fix." Spellcheck is not great at choosing among, for example, there, they're and their. A keen eye can catch them.

These days, as the editor of a digital only newspaper, I receive a lot of columns and news releases that were obviously written using the author's voice to "write" the submission. Guess what? Dragon, or whatever program you use, isn't perfect.

The only proven way to find errors is to have a professional editor read and reread the work and make the corrections.

Moral of story:
Reread multiple times (especially if it's your own work).

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